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"Thomas Langley doesn't just reconstruct wrecks--he solves mysteries, and by doing so he not only provides accurate, reliable expert opinions, but he brings much-needed closure to the families and loved ones who want answers.  If you want to know the truth about a wreck, Thomas Langley is the expert to uncover it."





"Tom Langley is the most thorough accident reconstructionist I have known. His attention to detail and willingness to track down facts and causation evidence is unparalleled. If you need honest answers, Tom should be your expert."






"I handle catastrophic injury and death cases involving truck, bus and car accidents.  I have worked with and against a lot of accident reconstructionists over the years, but there is no one I would recommend more highly than Tom Langley.  He not only understands the science of his profession, but he also has an admirable way of taking complex subject matter and making it understandable to others.  Quite simply, Tom is top notch!"






Boone and Stone
Atlanta Office:
3166 Mathieson Drive
Atlanta, GA 30305
Telephone: (404) 239-0305
Facsimile: (404) 239-0520


"For well over a decade, we have relied upon Tom to jump into a new crash site, preserve the evidence, gather investigative information and inform us on the "how and why" of our auto crash practice.  Tom has done a great job of applying his education, training and experience . . . with a great practical approach . . . to help us understand why crashes happen and who may be responsible.  His service has helped us prosecute good cases and reject the bad.  We greatly appreciate his efforts."


David Wm. Boone, Partner

Boone & Stone







"Tom Langley is one of the best reconstructionist out there. He is smart, diligent and takes no shortcuts."








Micahel Werner

Werner Law Firm

Atlanta, Ga



 "I have worked with countless expert witnesses over the past twenty (20) years  and Tom Langley ranks among the best of them in terms of competence, work ethic and attention to detail.  In addition to being a true master of his accident reconstruction craft, Tom has a singular ability to cogently communicate his expert opinions with clarity, simplicity and integrity.  Additionally, Tom's use of technology in the field and in the courtroom is unparalleled.  In sum, no one does a better job of discovering "why" road wrecks happen and then explaining the science of accident reconstruction to a jury than Tom Langley.  And that's why his professional skills as an accident reconstructionist are highly coveted by plaintiff and defense lawyers alike.  But regardless of who hires him, the end result is always the same: forensic excellence." 






Keenan R. S. Nix                

Morgan & Morgan

Atlanta, GA




"Our firm has relied on Tom Langley on a number of cases.  His work for us has been timely, professional, and reliable.  From road wrecks to product liability cases, Tom has been able to provide us with independent, well documented credible opinions.  I gladly recommend his services."







Michael J. Warshauer, Partner

Warshauer Law Group

Atlanta, GA




"Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP handles serious injury and death truck accident cases literally all over the United States. We are constantly looking for an expert that we can rely upon to tell us the "real skivvy" on causation as early as possible. It can make the difference between investing hundreds of thousand into a case and then finding out about a strong defensive point as opposed to knowing the defensive issue. Tom gets the job done quick and efficiently but most of all, comprehensively. We will reject a case based upon his findings because we trust him. I recommend him without any reservations or qualifiers."









Steven J. Gordon

Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P.

Houston, Texas





"Our cases involve sophisticated defendant trucking companies and their specialized insurers, who often have 24/7 claims response teams on scene before the victim has been removed.  We get the case weeks later and often have to deal with a "cold" scene and pending prosecution that prevents access to open records requests for investigation data.


Tom Langley can get access to investigative information as a former (and founding) member of the Cobb Co. Georgia S.T.E.P. Unit.  Law enforcement officers are generally cooperative to share their investigation as Tom understands the concepts and will protect the integrity of the investigation and prosecution.  In instances when the investigating authorities are unwilling to share, or on occasion not qualified in the first place, Tom excels at reading physical evidence at the scene and getting to the truth of what caused the collision and how it happened.


Tom has extensive knowledge of emerging technology in accident reconstruction and specifically with regards to the trucking industry and can respond immediately to time sensitive demands to help us level the playing field for our clients, who start well after the defendants' agents."


Brian D. "Buck" Rogers

Trial Attorney

Fried, Rogers & Goldberg

Atlanta, Ga.



My law practice is geared to representing injured plaintiffs and the survivors of those killed in motor vehicle and trucking accident cases. 

"Thomas Langley has served as an Accident Reconstruction Expert in several  of my cases and I find him to be highly qualified, knowledgeable and well prepared.   Tom's  investigatory experience gained from being at the scene and knowledge gleaned from being on the ground as an investigating officer  allows him  to correlate that experience with  his knowledge and talent as an accident reconstructionist  to arrive at solid opinions.   His hands on method of doing things, with his total station surveys, making photographs, using his computer skills to analyze the other party's photographs and evidence, along with the preparation of his own animations, allow  him to  be prepared to provide answers to questions put to him without hesitation."

I highly recommend him.

James W Nobles, Jr.
Attorney At Law
Clinton,Mississippi, 39056




"In February 2007, my partner and I obtained a $4.7 million dollar verdict in favor of our client in a road wreck case in which liability was hotly disputed.  Tom?s work on the case and his testimony at trial were integral to our success.  Defense counsel was very experienced in trucking cases and very knowledgeable of accident reconstruction.  Tom went head to head with defense counsel during a 3 hour cross examination and sealed the deal for victory for our side.  I look forward to working with Tom again and highly recommend him to all."


Adam Princenthal. Partner                                 

Andrews, Knowles & Princenthal, LLC





"I have worked with Tom on numerous occasions over many years. Tom is truly a professional at what he does. His hard work, knowledge and expertise have been instrumental in my obtaining good recoveries on behalf of many clients. Similarly, his advice has prevented me from taking cases that I should not pursue-an equally valuable service. I highly recommend Tom as an expert accident Reconstructionist."





Philip C. Henry

Henry Spiegel Milling LLP

Atlanta, GA





I have the distinct pleasure of recommending Tom Langley as an accident Reconstructionist. Tom Langley is simply one of the best Accident Reconstructionist that I have ever used. Mr. Langley is not only prompt about getting to the accident site, investigating the accident and providing a report, but is extremely diligent in defending his position and is unbendable and untouchable on cross-examination. He is simply the best accident reconstruction witness that I have ever been associated with or used. I whole heartedly and highly recommend Tom Langley as an Accident Reconstructionist.






Wayne E. Ferrell, Jr.

Attorney at Law

Jackson, MS







 "I have used Tom Langley for accident reconstruction in both automobile and tractor trailer wrecks. His credentials are very impressive and he has a wealth of knowledge in his chosen field. Mr. Langley's investigation and reconstruction of events is thorough, well thought out and grounded in a reliable analysis of the events. He uses state of the art equipment and he is well versed in the latest technology available. He is very personable and can easily explain complicated events to the lay person. I would highly recommend Mr. Langley's services." 




 Mark Link

Link & Smith

Atlanta, Ga


"I have worked with Tom on a number of complex and difficult cases. Tom's approach to investigating traumatic events is highly detailed and effective. When his investigation is complete, Tom is able to clearly articulate his methods and findings to lawyers  and juries; he is very comfortable in the courtroom. I have found Tom's work to be exceptional on every occasion. I am pleased to highly recommend Tom and I look forward to working with him again."



Steve Thornton, Partner

Thornton Law Firm, P.C.

Atlanta, GA



 "Tom Langley is thoroughly professional both in his investigation and his testimony.

 I recommend Tom as an excellent reconstructionist."


William D. Strickland, Partner

Temple, Strickland, Dinges & Schwartz

Decatur, Georgia





Top qualities: Great Results, Expert


"In my mind, Tom is simply one of the best reconstructionists in the country - hands down. He's truly a pleasure to work with and his understanding of the science of his field is unsurpassed. I've worked with Tom out in the field, as well as in the courtroom, and he's exceeded my expectations in every single encounter I've had with him. Tom takes the time to learn his cases and that's where I think his extensive law enforcement and crash investigation background works to his advantage. He is able to see a wreck from all different angles and he isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks. He is an honest man and his integrity shines through during his depositions, and, ultimately, when he's on the stand. He is able to explain the most complicated aspects of the science of reconstruction in a way that's easy for jurors to understand, and he's able to do this without boring them to death with irrelevant details. He is always the first guy out on the scene and he'll work until the job is done right. On a personal level, Tom has never let me down, nor has he ever treated me any differently just because I'm a woman in a predominantly male-dominated field. He's gained both my respect and my trust. I hold Tom in the highest regard and wouldn't hesitate, even for a moment, to recommend him to my colleagues." September 4, 2011



Jennifer Leonhardt Ojeda

Fried Rogers & Goldberg

Atlanta, GA





Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time


"Thomas Langley is attentive to your case, deadlines and is detailed    oriented.  A pleasure to work with." January 20, 2011




David Crawford, Partner

Eason Kennedy & Crawford

Atlanta, GA





"I have been in the accident investigation field now for more than 12 years. Tom's attention to detail and insight makes him truly stand out in his profession. Our paths have crossed several times and each time I am more and more impressed with his knowledge of accident reconstruction. I look forward to working with him again."


Sam Warsham

Police Officer

Sandy Springs, GA





"I have not hired Tom directly since the attorneys I work with usually have done that, but I would hire him and have also recommended him many times on cases that I have worked on and to others. Tom has always been there for me to provide whatever special engineering or traffic control I have required to do my conspicuity and or night visibility photography I have done. He is always well versed and knows his stuff. He is a true professional that is dependable. What else can I say? We have been very successful working as a team together."


 George S. Pearl, BCEP 

 Atlanta Legal Photo Services, Inc.